The Onion River Exchange helps Central Vermonters to exchange goods and services without using money. Instead, our members give and receive services for Community Credits, a time-based currency. Services can vary from mechanical work to home cooked meals to yoga lessons. Each service is worth the time you spend providing it. For example, you could earn an hour of credit for giving someone a ride to a doctor’s appointment, and use that credit to have someone make you dinner.

In ORE, the currency is time, and everyone’s time is equal.

Since our launch in April 2008, we’ve grown to over 500 members across Central Vermont, with some Members spread out through the Northfield, Morristown, Danville/Hardwick, Burlington, and Rutland areas…and beyond. Our members have made over 10,000 exchanges  sharing more then 30,000 service hours in eighty categories. They have helped our community partners with festivals, mailings, and other services.  In October of 2012, ORE joined with Reach Service Exchange Network, another Time Bank serving Central Vermonters, with a special focus on elders and folks with disabilities.  Now all ORE and Reach Members are part of a single Time Bank, Onion River Exchange.  Very exciting!

We request that our members give annual financial contribution to ORE to help us keep up with operating costs. Suggested rates are on a sliding scale $50 to $25 for an individual membership or $75 to $40 for a household membership.  Time to renew for 2014!  Fill out and return  Membership Renewal Agreement 2014 with a check or donate now using PayPal:

The Onion River Exchange is a part of an international time bank system, and in Vermont there are similar organizations in St. Johnsbury, White River Junction, Brattleboro, Middlebury and Barnard. We use an online system provided by TimeBanks USA called Community Weaver, which allows our members to search for services, post services and requests, and log their hours. Even if you don’t have Internet access, though, you can become a member by contacting us at (802) 552-3040.

Want to see a list of sample services you could give or receive? Click Here.

To join our network, click on the “Join Now” tab at the top of the page or contact the coordinator: info@orexchange.org or by calling (802) 552-3040.

What do ORE members offer?

transportation, tutoring, cooking, sewing, yard work, computer help, dance lessons, proofreading and editing, childcare, business services, personal finances, car repair, pet care, carpentry, yoga and wellness, music lessons, entertainment for parties, sports, wordprocessing, graphic design, phone calls, providing food for potlucks…

and so much more!

Watch our Nov 20th, 2012 WCAX

Watch our video by Vermont Public Television!

Watch our public service announcement on Vermont Public Television here.

Listen to our radio interview on Free Vermont Radio here.

The 7 minute video on Onion River Exchange was produced by Olivier Asselin as part of the Possible.org project. For more info on Possible.org, please visit their website for more videos and updates, and follow on Facebook (facebook.com/possiblefilm) or Twitter (twitter.com/possiblefilm).  Thanks to Heather at ORE for organizing this project and for all of the Member support!